Five Perfect Days

Day 1 

First day? BUMPY PLANE RIDE. Sorry for the caps  But seriously, that was the bumpiest plane ride ever. And the fact that my ears popped didn't help. We stayed at a hotel in BGC (which was gorge btw, both the hotel and BGC) I would live in BGC if I could! ;) We just toured around. We walked from one place to another which didn't really make my mom happy, sorry mom! 

I saw a lot of shops/stores which aren't found in Cebu, that's why I got so excited. And as you can see, I was able to go to Dr. Martens but I didn't buy anything *le cries*

Day 2

I fell in love with this ♥
The shirt says it all! C-R-I-M-I-N-AL. This day was 101% dedicated to the concert I watched. Don't ask me why whole day if the concert starts at 8 pm because I'll start ranting and fangirling, trust me, you really wouldn't want that. 

All I can say is that May 17, 2014 is the best day of my entire life. Don't bother asking ;)

Day 3

We visited a church first before chilling in out hotel in Tagaytay.
Mom and Dad
They probably won't see this but I'm really thankful they allowed us to go to MNL to watch a concert as well as travel and bond with each other. They're both so busy with work but they still managed to give us this and for that I am really really thankful.

I'm not gonna lie, I love the view from our balcony/hotel room. Taal Lake baby! 

Trust me, you guys don't want to know the real reason why I love this specific Starbuck's in Tagaytay. Trust me on this one. Just do. But a little clue, it's because THEY went there last year *wink*

Day 4

I absolutely love Resorts World, I think it's really gorgeous and my home (Victoria Secret, kiddin') is located there so yes, I am in love with the place.

Day 5

Our last day was still as fun as the previous days. We went back to BGC High Street and did a little bit of shopping and strolling and walking and- okay you get it! 

I think so far, this has been the fun-est (I know there's no such thing but just pretend there is okay?) trip I had with my family. I admit I am a bit bia- okay maybe I'm really biased but still, May 2014 has been a great month so far. 

Summer has never been this busy nor fun, I hope you had a blast too! Till next time MNL! (and see you soon boys!) X

Some photos are taken by: Allison Barcenas