Photo: Shane Empenio

Yes peasant? Kidding.

Okay I just wanted to share these photos taken by Shane Empenio.  We had this shoot months ago and I'm not gonna lie, I really had fun doing it. It was a new experience so I was kinda awkward but super fun!

And the photos feature my dad's designs, yaaaay!

Alli in a sparkling see-through gown
My sister, Alli, in one of the see-through gowns.  She wore this during her pageant in school (oh and she won 1st runner up weeeewooo- I'm proud, let me be).

Jera in Gold Jumpsuit

Jera's like our bonus human haha, she's in a gold jumpsuit.  Just like the previous one, it's see-through and sparkly.  It kinda reminds me of a diva. Don't ask me why but yeah.

And here I am in my Gradball gown.  I am honestly obsessed with this dress since this is a mixture of mine and dad's ideas.  It's kinda a collab slash project slash my gift to myself. It also has chains and gems which made me feel so EXTRA! Okay moving on....

This actually has three pieces.  A sleeveless jumpsuit (inner), a short blazer-like top and the bottom which is similar to a skirt but kinda looks like a tail.  I'm bad at descriptions so there you go. Oh and I love this too!

Nothing better than showing off my dad's work :)

So if you wanna feel as extra as how I felt during this shoot then send me a message or email me at  You surely won't regret it. Oh and it won't hurt your pockets as well hahaha.