She's a Bloody Queen

"BS can't break you if you don't let it. A Queen knows how to build her empire with the same stones that where thrown at her."

I know, I know, it has been 123456 centuries since the my last post.  Well, that's because I never had time to shoot because uni is keeping me busy. But it's sembreak now, yay! 

This shoot was done in the Temple of Leah (for my pre debut, okay that's what they say but eh)  and as you can see the building and the place isn't finished yet hence the reason why we got in for free. And no it's not trespassing since there were a lot of people doing shoots there. Yes it was awkward, or maybe it was just me.  (oh well)

The title doesn't really imply me being a queen or anything. I mean I don't even act like a princess.  But I like it since the gown I wore is so red it looks royal and the place is built for a queen. That is all thank you peasants! (kidding, you aren't peasants)

PS: My dad designed my dress, thank you daddy x

Photos by: Alfred Alo

Shoes: People Are People | Dress: SANECRAB