I Don't Play Basketball But...

I never wanted to wear these, trust me you don't want to know how it felt like.

I'm sorry I just had to :)

"...I like the shirt so I got it and wore it, deal with it."

I have to admit, this is a filler post, if there's such thing. Classes already started and it's obvious I can't have shoots anytime I want (which is sad really).

This was still during my so-called "pre-debut" shoot but instead of having gowns and whatnot, I had a shoot with casual clothes. This is the only one though, because I got hungry and I wanted to stop already, not that you have to know that.  

PS: On a serious note, I really don't understand basketball, trust me it's useless helping me understand the game. AND, I remembered the sport when I saw the shirt hence the title. (Sorry!)

MUA: Bobbie Albert
Photo by: Alfred Alo

Shirt: Terranova (Men) | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell