First Page

"We will not be the same after tonight and knowing this we still smile and say goodbye.  This is how it operates, this is how change happens."
-rm drake

Holla! It’s 2015 already (not that I have to mention that-but I did so deal with it, yeah?).  I hope you guys had a blast celebrating New Year’s Eve with your families, friends and loved ones because if you ask me, yes I did have fun. 

Since it is another year, it’s time for the cliche “New Year, New Me” kinda thing.  Last year, I have not posted a lot.  Okay let’s be real, I only posted once in a blue moon.  BUT this year I, Jilianne Antonette Yting Barcenas, pledge to TRY my VERY BEST to post whenever I can and have fun shoots during my free time.  Speaking of which…

Check out my new journal/planner aka New Love of My Life! I got it from Fullybooked. It’s cool really, it has some coupons which you could use anytime of the year.

Since it is more of a journal for travelers it has pages for your plans on which places you want to visit.  It also has a page for you to list down your bucketlist and the things you have to achieve before 2015 ends.   Now, you can see how cute the journal is J

Once again, Happy New Year you guys!

Top: What A Girl Wants | Journal: Navi 2015 | Tote Bag: Jack Wills 
Bracelets: Tiffany and Co. | Lip Gloss: Victoria's Secret
Magazine: Allure | Lipstick: Maybelline | Perfume: Zara