Befriending Monsters

So, my dad decided to visit my grandma therefore we went to my grandma's house in Danao, which is around an hour away from ours.  I decided to bring a couple of clothes for my LB shoot. If you don't know what LB is then click here to know more about Lookbook. This was taken near their garden. Okay I have really no idea what this area is called but i guess it matched my outfit theme so it doesn't matter ;)

I'm still starting this blog and I don't even know who reads this aside from me but it's fun blogging that's why I gave it a try. 

PS: I just type the way I like it and I'm not strict when it comes to grammar so I'm sorry is some doesn't make sense

Photo by: Allison Barcenas

Click here for my complete look in Lookbook!

Top: Forever 21| Shoes: Artwork