It's A Little Too Big

As you can see the place I shot these pictures is our (sort of) wash area.  Like literally.  See? It has pails and basins and detergent soaps (which I took away before the shoot). It's funny really since the time that we had this shoot was a Sunday afternoon so it's expected that people will keep passing by our house.  Every time someone passes by, I hide why? So that they won't look at me weirdly. I mean, the outfit doesn't look normal especially since it doesn't even feel comfortable in this weather! Anyways, click here to see the complete look in 
PS: I now remembered to adjust the sizes of my pictures! (Yaaaay!)

Photo by: Allison Barcenas

Overall Shorts:Topshop | Over-the-knee socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Primadonna | Earrings: Adore