That Cliche Fair

Okay so FIRST, I have to tell you that these pictures were taken decades ago.  Maybe not really decades but a month ago, February.  I know, I know, too late right? But I just had to post this because I think it's fun and my blog is dying so... Anyways, we went to Kasadya in SRP in yes, it was my first to go and I think they're close now but still, it was a memorable experience since I absolutely love fairs.  And this fair, has been the most cliche fair I have been to. I have no idea what to write right now so farewell! Haha, I'll post soon (after my finals!)

Some of the pictures are taken by my sister Allison Barcenas. Check her out! 

Top: Crissa | Shorts: Levi's 
Boots: Forever 21 | Watch: Timex