Meeting Becca Fitzpatrick

National Bookstore Cebu

We have to put our names on a paper for her to know our names when we meet her

With Katey

With Athina

Hush Hush series

Becca Fitzpatrick *cue fangirling*

I'm a bookworm. I'll be pointing that out first so you'll actually know the importance of this post haaaa okay it may or may not have an importance but still. March 30, 2014 was one of the most memorable day of my entire life. Why? I was able to meet, talk, hug and take a picture with Becca Fitzpatrick (author of the famous, Hush Hush series)! Yaaaaay! Another bucketlist checked ;) She's the second author I have met, first being my favorite, Melissa Dela Cruz (author of Blue Blood Series)

She was nice and really friendly. She even gave away two copies of her new book, Black Ice! AND YES, I didn't get it because I'm such a loser hahaha. Patch (a character in the book, my future husband) was actually inspired by a guy she met during her high school. Awwe, isn't that cute? Lucky guy. I don't actually know what else I'd write her, i'm still letting the fact I met her sink in, so adios!
I got all of my books from National Bookstore in Ayala Center Cebu

PS: All the photos taken are blurry and ugly because of the adrenaline pumpin' in our veins that time, don't blame me! 

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