As we all know the month of March is that time of the year where we get awards and medals for all the hard work, may it be in a form of recognition or better yet, graduation! Yay! okay whatever but you get my point right?

I know this is a really late post for my baby sister but since I have no gift for you, I realize I'll just post an "Allison Graduation" post for you, ain't that sweet? ;) 

Pffft, you don't even check out my blog so whoever can see this, well have fun and skip the sappy letter down below! Adios! 

Here goes the letter I told you about:



I have no idea what to say and what to write since I'm not really good in writing but hey! I try ;) Anyways, congratulations for graduating with flying colors. Okay you graduated with a rainbow (see what I did there?) I'm so proud of you even though I don't really make you feel that way (which is normal considering I'd be too sweet if I did that) All the things I'll write in this letter is supposed to be in the video but then it BAAAAM! Well, let's just say the camera crashed and well,  I thought it saved but it didn't. I know, I know, I'm not talented in that aspect but it's the thought that counts, ey? 

Thank you for always being there for me. For, as weird as it sounds, helping me in my homework.  Hey! I help you too you know, so it's a win-win situation. You're going to be in college now! Weeee! I hope you'll have fun and enjoy the remaining five years of being a student. But, I think you will, university life has more freedom, okay, A WHOLE LOT MORE freedom than high school. It's really fun but just don't abuse it okay? I know you won't anyway but just a reminder! I hope that you'll meet true friends in your new school.  I'll always be here for you even though I know almost nothing about your course. Mum can always help you though ;)

Once again, congratulations salutatorian! Xx

Your favorite and one and only sister, 

PS: I thank you Jera for the blog title! 

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