Something Missing

Aloha! Long time no blog! Haha! I've been busy, (sorta). Well, it's officially summer, all though I haven't got the chance to enjoy the beach yet since my schedule's full, but hopefully I will! Emphasis on the word 'hopefully' haha! 

This look wasn't really planned when we had the shoot.  On the day of our shoot, I crammed on what to bring and what accessories to use.  I wasn't able to find the clothes I was looking for so I ended up grabbing random stuff from my messy closet.  Fortunately, it looks okay. 

Of all the looks I have, I think this is the simplest one.  It's also the most formal! It's so not me but I guess a new look once in a while is healthy ;)

PS: What's the post title about? Well, scan the pictures again and you'll realize something's missing ;)

Photos are taken by: Allison Barcenas

Check out the complete look!

Necklace: Forever 21 | Watch: Timex