Friday Feels: Little Things

Candy: MIC
I'm a chocolohic but I have to admit, this candy is my favorite.  Aside from the fact that each piece looks absolutely cute (and colorful) these taste heavenly! My favorite is probably the blue and pink piece, I have no idea what it is called but I love it.  I sound like a girl girl oops, anyhow I hope there'll be an MIC store in Cebu soon.

Lip Balm: EOS | Alphabet Stamp: Dimension
Pink was never my favorite color (don't mind my bedsheet) but I find these EOS lip balm adorable. It's actually fun to use since it's shaped like an egg, which is unusual and that's why I like it.  

Of all the things I bought in Manila, this Alphabet Stamp Set is prolly the best.  Okay maybe not the best but I'm in love with it.  It's so handy and creative plus I love the wooden box too ♥ You guys can get it in a store called Dimension in BGC, that's just beside American Eagle.

Wristbands: 1D World | Socks: Pull & Bear
I was not going to include the One Direction wristband in this post but since Zayn just quit the band I think it is time for my 15-year old Directioner self to take over the blog.  I am upset that I'll never be able to see the band perform live together which is actually written in my Bucketlist  But I hope Zayn's happier with his decision.  Read his interview and you'll get me :)

"Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life"
-ZM aka Bradford Bad Boi

PS:  I don't think I stopped being a fan gosh