Zest of a Tripper: Carcar

Saint Catherine de Alexandria Church
Ph: Valerie Mendoza

Hey hey hey it's already summer! Yaaay!  I have decided to post my favorite trips/travels or whatever here because the pictures are just too fun and happy to rot in my laptop (I know digital pictures don't rot but you get me).  

My first post for this season would be this (obviously!). My friends and I went to Boljoon last month and we passed by a couple of other places.  First stop was Carcar! I admit I only have limited photos from this place but it's okay, I've got tons of pictures from Boljoon anyways.  It's gonna be posted soon ;)

I have no idea what else to write about since we stopped for around half an hour only so au revoir!

Don't you think the title sounds like stripper? No?

Proof that TRIPPER is a legit word:
1) Tripper- a person who takes a short trip to visit an interesting trip
     (Merriam Webster)

although it could also mean

2) Tripper- basically, someone crazy; someone who does or says weird things for no reason
    (Urban Dictionary)

I am referring to the first one in my title but both works for me anyways.

Shirt: Rad and Rage | Leggings, Sandals: Forever 21
Pouch: Aeropostale