Zest of a Tripper: Argao

A really really huge torta (it's not edible fyi, but you knew that!)
As you can see what I wore in this blog post is the same as what I wore in the previous one.  Well, that's because these pictures were taken on the same day, this was our next top after Carcar.  I have never been here actually.  I passed by a couple of times but never really stepped on the ground, literally never stepped on the road.
Jaclyn on the left :)
Honestly I don't know what that building is for but it looks spooky.  I went in and it felt weird so I didn't dare take a picture inside. It was empty and dark, no light bulbs or anything, just a few tiny windows.  They said it's a place for the dead or stuff (I have no plans in asking what kind of stuff though).

Jaclyn (center), Clare (right)
 I was not able to take a picture inside the church since a mass was going on but I like the shots we got from the outside!  What's cool about this place is that all of those pictures up there were taken in exactly the same area.  Okay not really exact exact but you can just walk less than fifty steps to reach all these places.  There's even a beach few steps away from the spooky place!

PS: Happy Happy Easter! Have fun today ♥

Shirt: Rad and Rage | Leggings, Sandals: Forever 21
Pouch: Aeropostale