Zest of a Tripper: Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

As promised, here are some of the pictures from Sumilon Island.  The place was heavenly.  Yeah, it was pretty hot considering it's summer but it didn't stop us from taking pictures ;)   Of course we checked out the sandbar since that's the place our boat docked but I mostly stayed in the Maribago area because there were more spots to take pictures.

I have a million shots of the water I'm not even gonna lie. It's weird but the water and the rocks were just too lovely.  Typing and reading it out loud makes it weirder really.  Oh and guess what else is lovely? My new baby aka my dragon earcuff! I am obsessed with earcuffs ever since and I got a new one from Witch Engine and it was a total babe ♥

Yes, shooting near a gigantic rock with intense waves is scary but fun and really hard and yeah nerve wracking but exciting!

I honestly look like I'm wearing a dress while paddle boarding, that was not even planned.  I just wanted to see if I can balance myself on a board but the wind had other plans.  The water moved since it was so windy and yeah I panicked but at least I got back dry, which was an achievement for someone who's so clumsy. 

Sumilon is such a beautiful island.  I got to chill on a hammock, go kayaking and paddle boarding.  Oh and got a tan line! Well duh it's a beach so...

I definitely wanna go back there soon!

Top: Nike| Bottom: Sassa
Sandals: Grendha | Earcuff: Witch Engine