Awkward Adventurer: Trekking - Osmeña Peak

Mama Mary's Grotto

Me, Alli, Angela and Ethel (left to right)

Holla! Here is the trekking post I promised.  We went to Osmeña Peak around 2 weeks ago, April 9, 2015.   We rode a bus from the terminal to Dalaguete then a mini bus/ mini jeepney to Mantalongon Market. Unlike others, we decided to walk from the market to the foot of the mountain so more or less 50% of my pictures were taken from the market to the foot.  Okay moving on since I am not making sense anymore...

We left Cebu City at 5am that's why on the picture above you can still see the fog.  I was expecting it to be a really hot day wherein we'll end up sweating and dehydrated and die or whatever, kidding. But, it was surprisingly cold, or maybe it's just because it rained for a few hours, good think it stopped when we reached the market! 


Before reaching the top, you still have to sign their logbook.  My sister placed my other name ,which I never ever use because idk, it's weird?

I hugged the rock, don't judge.

I'm not even gonna lie, I love our pictures when we reached the peak.  It looks really adventure-y and no there's no such word I just made that up.  We had lunch in a nearby camping area with the cliche bonfire stuff.  

One of the most memorable part of this day aside from the gigantic cow manure (I'm sorry but I really had to mention that) was the fact I got to make cotton ball light up! Yaaay.  We got a cotton ball or the edge of the cotton bud, wiped a bit of lipbalm and used this camping/survival metal whatever where you have to make a spark and try to transfer that spark to the cotton ball.  I'm so lame at explaining I'm sorry haha. But the point is I made fire without a match or a lighter! Weeee :)

The Kuyas/ Tour Guides

Ph: Allison Barcenas

We got to meet new friends on our way back down.  The previous picture, "Jack", well, he's not really named Jack.  We just called him that because of Jack Harries.  I know, I know I'm such a fangirl but hey he's an inspiration so there ♥

We found a cave on our way to the foot, it has bats, vines and all those cliche things you see in dinosaur movies.  It was really beautiful but we never went far since it was pretty dark and looks really dangerous.  But again, it was gorgeous.

I honestly am proud of myself for surviving.  It may not be that risky or whatever for some people but  hey, I expected myself to faint or die in the middle of the journey.  Good thing I didn't, yes!


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