Friday Feels: The Great Brazilian Madness

I ripped the tag off don't mind it!

I know, I know the title isn't original but I like it so there it is!  Ayala Center Cebu is having the Great Brazilian Sale since April 16 until this Sunday, the 19th.  The brands on sale are Grendha, Ipanema and Rider for boys.  I thought it was just an ordinary sale where the discounted price is still eeeuunnghhh.  But it turns out that the discounted prices are already really really affordable so yay new sandals and slippers, yeah baby!

Here are some of what I bought:

I decided to make this my Friday Feels because honestly I think this is the most interesting thing that happened during my week haha.  I think I'm a bit biased too considering this involves the country "Brazil" (only my friends understand this sentence oops).  Anyways it's sort of late so adios loves x