Friday Feels: Goodies

Goodies ft. my malong

My good friend Katey (her name's Kate but yeah I call her Katey) went to Abu Dhabi during summer and brought me and Allison goodies! Yaaay!  I blogged it because it has been awhile since I posted Friday Feels aka my faves this week.  And I love the things she brought so why not make her gift my favorites this week? ;)

Here are the items she brought us: 

Nail Polish

Nail Polish by H&M
I haven't tried it though but it looks sparkly and cute ♥

Jelly Beans

Gourmet Jelly Beans from The Jelly Bean Factory
I am in love with this! Chocolates, gummy bears and jelly beans are babe. They're cute and colorful and delicious, what's not to love?

My malong is clean. Just saying!


Avon Perfect Lipstick in Untamed Mauve
Like the nail polish, I have not used this yet but it looks gorgeous. Although I don't wear make up that much, I have this weird obsession over lippies.


Hairband from Forever 21
Oh this definitely isn't for me, it's for my sister.  She loves cat ears and this hairband has a heart slash cat ears on top.  Well it looks like half of heart for me! Anyways it's gold and beautiful.

Wait do you call this a hairband or a headband? I don't really know...

There! All the things I found cute this week.  They're all from Katey because she's lovely enough to give us these. I'm not gonna type more words since I still have to eat breakfast BUT BUT BUT I'm posting pictures from Tumalog Falls next week yaaaas!

PS: I took the pictures from my bed thus the blue bedsheet.