Rad and Rage Just Turned 1 + Help Us Win a Bazaar Booth!

First I'd like to say that our online shop, Rad and Rage, has survived a year! Yay! Technically a year and 6 days but eh. I am honestly hoping that this year will be more exciting and fun and yeah maybe we'll be able to a join a bazaar? 

Speaking of which...

There's this really cool bazaar which will be happening this year.  And I think it'll be awesome if Rad and Rage could be one of the concessionaires.  So we decided to join their contest.  The one who gets the most likes on the Instagram post can win a free booth! 

So if you want us to be there just click THIS. (Yes like the word "this") Double tap. And tada! That's it.  No seriously, it's as simple as that.  Tell your friends to like our post and help us win the free booth yay! 

PS: New designs on Rad and Rage's Facebook page

Shirt: Rad and Rage | Sunglasses: Topshop