Anxiety and Everything Toxic



I have been typing and deleting the sentences I have written for the past twenty minutes because I had absolutely no clue on how to have a happy introduction.  Then I realized, why not just type away? And so, I ended up with a simple hello.  Original, I know. Nevertheless, I am still very much (let's say) motivated to write about anxiety and everything toxic. Let's get started! 

If you're one of my close friends, you should probably know by now that I am a person who's anxious 99.9% of the time. I panic and freak out on almost every occasion.  I care too much about the opinions of others that sometimes I end up not doing something I really want. A couple of years ago, I also ended up seeing a doctor because I had a hard time breathing.  Aside from discovering I have MVP, I also found out that overthinking triggered the panic attacks.  And now as I am typing, I stop once in a while and ask myself if my blog is the best place for me to talk about this.  However, after promising myself that I'll be more optimistic this year, I am gonna do this! 

Anxiety and overthinking can kill you.  All the negative thoughts and imaginations you have, won't do you any good except trigger self-doubt and self-pity.  All the ugly situations you imagined happening, do they actually happen? Most of the time, no.  At the end of the day, you realize you wasted the whole time worrying about something that didn't actually happen.  The whole day you feel so cranky and emotional because you're scared of something that doesn't exist.  I'm not an expert on this topic however, I just think that someone somewhere needs this reminder.

I admit I get so creative when it comes to imagining scary situations however I remind myself everyday that your mind is a magnet.  (I forgot who I got that from but I am thankful to him/her). If you want a good outcome then think of everything happy.  I never believed this at first but as I pushed myself towards being positive, it made a huge difference.  I still overthink a lot and struggle with anxiety but to all humans out there who are also struggling, let go. 

Let go of all the negative thoughts.  If something happens, it's meant to be.  Accept it and move on.  Don't dwell too much on something.  I'm not saying be lazy and do nothing, but at least just try.  It does not hurt if you try.

Also, let go of all the toxic people in your life.  That may be hard to do but if you feel like they're the ones stopping you from being the pretty butterfly that you are, then unfollow them on Twitter or unfriend them on Facebook.  You don't need those negativity in your life.

Oh and don't stalk your haters too.  Blocking your haters yet stalking them on social media is basically attracting and collecting more negative vibes.  They're subtweeting you? Don't read it, leave them be and go live your life.  Prove that you are way better than them by not stooping down their level.

If you think all the things I talked about in this very long blog post are nonsense, then no biggie, go check another post instead! :) But if you were asking for a sign on how to make your life better, then this is it.  You might feel silly for actually accepting suggestions from someone who's unsure of what she's talking about, but again it doesn't hurt to try.  If it doesn't work then I'm sorry, maybe another person could help you.  And if ever life surprises you (in a bad way) and you cannot do anything about it, just remember: STAY POSITIVE, YOUR MIND IS A MAGNET.  It does not hurt to just attract everything happy in this world.

Again, be happy, smile and stay positive!

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