Fell in Love with Words

Lately, I have been addicted to reading short poems and quotations found on Instagram.  I don't care what the subject might be- love, life, motivation- I enjoy reading them.

One night, I stumbled upon an Instagram account, atticuspoetry.

His bio:

"I write words, poems, epigrams. It's how the world makes sense to me."

I checked his posts, then...

...it was at that night, I knew I have fallen in love with his works.

She always loved the things
that the rest of the world forgot,
snails and slugs and the broken flowers.
I think that's why she loved me,
I was another broken thing, 
that the world had left behind.


Trust no kings
kings put girls in towers
trust your wings
for girls with wings
will soar past kings
as they watch up from the towers.

- Atticus

i used to believe in luck
i used to pray on every clock
pick up every penny
and avoid black cats
and then one day
my dreams didn't happen
and i decided that i had enough of luck
and so i went on
lucky or not
and stopped living in fear
because i knew
that no matter what i faced
i could defeat it
i would win
and that's the day i got lucky


Forgive me,
if I stumble and fall
for I know not how
to love too well.

I am clumsy
and my words
do not form as I wish

So let me kiss you instead,

and let my lips,
paint for you,
all the pictures,
that my clumsy heart


Atticus may have a few words written on every post.  However I find these words powerful. You could feel how genuine and raw it is, which I believe is what makes it even more beautiful.  During bad days, I read his works and then I'll be reminded again that there is always something beautiful in this world.  I know, I know, super cliche.

But, thank you Atticus.