Pink Feathers and Wooden Beads

The title was supposed to be like "Pit Senyor!" or "Sinulog '16" or something but then I realized, those sounded like titles for my school essays.  Then I thought of a different yet cute one, thus "Pink Feathers and Wooden Beads"! :)

Every year, on January, our province celebrates what you call "Sinulog".  Out of all the activities, the most awaited one is the parade which happens on a Sunday.  I always find it interesting how most customize their outfits. Some transform their shirts into muscle tees, cropped tops and halter tops.

This year, I decided to buy a pack of colored beads and use those on my shirt. I customized the sides of the shirt as well as the back part.  As you can see above, I inserted the beads to make it look cute.  I know it's VERY crooked but I tried ;) 

I look so happy here, it's weird! Oh and my hair is a failed attempt of a cute space bun.  I applied hair chalks on it because I thought it will look cool but as you can see-well you can't! Either the hair chalk is so light or my hair is just to dark.  I ended up having dry, tangled hair though. *sighs*

This is how the sides look like. I used the same process with the back portion, however I did it twice in the back that's why it looks more complicated (see photo below). I also cut the sleeves into the classic fringe, inserted the beads and tied the ends into a knot (twice!) to secure the beads.

If you guys are wondering, no I didn't wear the feathers during the festival haha I just found the color cute so I used it while taking pictures. I hope you guys enjoyed Sinulog like I did (despite the fact I was alone 50% of the day)! 

PS: There are tons of tutorials for festival shirts in Youtube! 

Shirt: Island Souvenirs