A Dee-opard?

Hollaaa! We all know how people go out on October 31st and wear cute or scary costumes for fun.  Since I knew I don't have any party to attend to I decided to try following a Halloween makeup tutorial on Youtube.  I am not an expert on cosmetics, I just put it on for fun!

And no there's no such thing as a DEEOPARD (Deer and Leopard hybrid).  But in the middle of doing my deer make up I realized I lack a strong white eyeliner that could be used to draw the spots of the deer.  Thus the black eyeliner to make "leopard spots" instead. 

I used Karolina Griciute's Deer Inspired Halloween Makeup Tutorial.  It's really easy to follow so go check her out! 

It's my first time doing this so it's not that clean yet and only an iPod Touch is used take these pictures but I am happy with it anyways ;)

Products used:
  • AVON CC Cream in AB04 Nude -spread all over my face and a bit on my neck, and used on the lower lip
  • Celeteque Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream -on the area where it should look lighter and a bit on my cupid's bow and area near my lower lip (check Karolina's video)

  • AVON Luminous Concealer Stick in F201 Medium- on the blemishes and on my eyelid
  • Maybelline Super Mineral 24 Two Way Foundation in OC3- used with a brush all over face and neck, dabbed on the lower lip
  • AVON  Romantic Quad -used with a foundation sponge and placed on the area where it should be lighter (check Karolina's video)

  • AVON Eyebrow Powder in Brown -on my eyebrows
  • Maybelline Natural Smokes pallete -used for the different waves and lines on the face, used to shade the sides of the nose and to contour the face
  • AVON Ultra Luxury Eye Liner Pencil in Black -used on the upper lid near the lash line and  a part of the lower eyelid, used also to outline the upper lips, shade the nose, make a line on the cupid's bow and make the leopard spots (well, that's how I draw my leopard spots)

  • Nichido Eye Shadow in Soft Black -used on the upper lip
  • Nichido Eye Shadow in Gold Frost -used with a foundation sponge for the neck and face

I honestly expected an ugly outcome but I'm happy it turned out prettier than expected.  I'm having breakouts but the thick foundation kinda covered it. I also did not do my hair in the pictures so that's why it looked so uhm normal?

I hope you had a spooky yet fabulous Halloween! Next year, I'll prolly try to follow another makeup tutorial next year and maybe I'll upload it earlier haha.

Classes are going to start soon, I hope you make the most out of it! Hasta la vista baby!