On my Lookbook! 

Sembreak has officially started, yay!  I honestly hope that this break would be hella fun compared to the previous years.  I would love to attend costume parties (with people ACTUALLY wearing costumes, that would be great thank you!)

I know I'm blabbing but I love this shoot so much.  I did it on a table on our dorm room and it looks better than I expected.  I just love how the white blazer looks despite having a white background.

Oh and I forgot to put on mascara haha. No lashes then!

As you can see the pictures are at different tones and brightness, well that's because I edited the pictures on various occasions.  And I forgot the exact numbers I used for exposure.  I should really work on my editing skills.

PS: I'm turning 19 in a few days, noooo :( (and my bondpapers are peeking out!)

I hope you guys will have an amazing break ahead!

Blazer: Zara | Top: Topshop

Hopelessly wishing for a better year ahead,