3AMs at 3PM

"She ran away to chase her dreams.
And they said she wouldn't make it far.
She took a chance and packed her bags
She left town and didn't look back
So tired of wishing on the stars"
-Social Casualty

Terror three years ago
Back again three years later

She knows what she wants
Yet does what others think she has to

Struggles to find the end of the maze
Fighting to find her way

A year and a couple of months from more
She's gonna taste freedom

By that time she knows
She has to do things on her own

She has to be brave
And do what she wants
And do what she needs
For bliss
For dreams

For her to find her way
For her to find herself

This is a really really weird post but I felt like it so there you go.  Oh and Social Casualty could be my anthem.  It has been for awhile now actually. Maybe I'm biased, maybe I'm not.  But the song is absolutely perfect.  Just saying. So thank you four Oz boys. 

Socks, Necklace, Sleeveless Body Suit: Forever 21