I have always loved reading not only novels but also poems or scribbles.  I have always admired how words, when put together can mean something, and sometimes it even just depends on how one understands the piece.  I have always adored how feelings could lead someone to write. 

That or just plain boredom.


This week I got captivated by pieces that start with “She”.  These reminded me that women are beautiful and powerful.  I’m not saying this because I was born with a female reproductive organ. I am writing purely because I believe these pieces are lovely.  Oh and I got the pieces from Pinterest.

"She is 
as all
open hearts
are, but she 
is wild
and free
and can handle 
a few scars."

"She was chaos
and beauty
A tornado of
from divine."

"She was beautifully.
Out of place.
Sometimes I believe.
She intended to be.
Like the moon during the day."

"She is a 
beautiful piece
of broken 
pottery, put
back together by
her own hands.
And a critical world
judges her cracks
while missing the 
beauty of how she
made herself
whole again."

"She is beautiful.
But you really cannot
comprehend it until 
you understand that
she is the result
of the pieces that
she refused to let 
life take away from her."

And once again here I am unsure of how to end this post.  But a lot happened yesterday (not only in my country but in others as well) so, KEEP SPREADING LOVE AND HAPPINESS! Let us celebrate life and stop the hatred.